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Why should you choose our products ?

A Franco-Nigerian Initiative

Since 2014 Chooka® has worked on creating a durable business model between Nigerian and France. Building a value chain on actual human values ensuring a win win for both parties.


Made in France

All our products are manufactured in France, meaning European Union standards plus that extra French touch for refinement and quality.


Franco Nigerian Style

A fusion of the best of both worlds. A Nigerian inspired project built from the heart of France, conviviality, culture and gastronomy, Maison Chooka®


Tailored for YOU

Say NO to dumping products in the African Market. Chooka® with the help of its taste experts, carefully adapts its product to the Nigerian (African) taste palates.


Organic Products

We believe Health is wealth that is why we encourage consumers to buy products with ingredients from organic sources, low cholesterol and OGM free.



Every product we sell has an individual identification code, traceable and withdrawn from the market if any product quality integrity breach should occur.


Best Prices Guaranteed

Chooka® works with all its partners in exclusivity, offering the best prices on the market and thus, building consumer loyalty.